23 November 2015

City Vision welcomes Phil Goff’s Mayoral Announcement and Prepares for 2016 Campaign

“Auckland needs strong, progressive leadership so we welcome Phil Goff’s announcement that he will campaign to be Auckland’s next Mayor”, says City Vision Councillor, Cathy Casey.

“Phil has a strong track record in senior positions, and is well known for being pragmatic, open-minded, and acting with integrity. We are pleased to hear his solid commitment to retention of our publicly owned assets, his vision of a truly inclusive city, and his strong positions in favour of public transport and quality intensification;” says Cr Casey “I have worked with Phil in my capacity as ward councillor for the last two terms since amalgamation and have developed a good working relationship with him in this time as well as an appreciation for his commitment to the people of Auckland.”

“City Vision believes that Auckland is at a cross-roads. The Supercity structure has helped to give the region a voice, and real progress on developing an integrated transport network has been made as a result. However, there is no denying that many Aucklanders have lost confidence in Council in recent years and that a fresh start is required. While City Vision is yet to make a formal Mayoral endorsement decision, we believe that we could work collaboratively with Mr Goff to build a better Auckland”, says Waitematā Local Board Chair, Shale Chambers.

This week City Vision is launching a series of community report back leaflets to our communities, which set out the work that our elected representatives have been doing to deliver on their commitments. Highlights include:

  • Continuing to protect our assets against ongoing privatisation attempts
  • Actively enhancing our local environments and working to protect important heritage sites
  • Prudent financial oversight and fighting for a fairer rates system
  • Strongly pushing for better public transport, including early completion of the City Rail Link
  • Supporting decision making at the local level to ensure local communities continue to see investment in their areas

“Along with an effective new Mayor, Auckland will need to elect capable and strategic Ward Councillors, and community-connected Local Boards to work with that person. City Vision is up for the challenge. We have a strong track record and we are well prepared to take our message to our communities at the 2016 election”, says Albert-Eden Local Board, Chair Peter Haynes


Cr Cathy Casey   027 474 4231

Shale Chambers, Chair, Waitematā Local Board   021 286 7111

Peter Haynes, Chair, Albert-Eden Local Board   021 072 2289


City vision has produced 3 separate accountability reports covering Waitematā, Albert-Eden and Puketapapa. Around 90,000 reports in total will be distributed across the whole area. Summaries of the reports are online: Waitemata, Albert-Eden,  & Puketapapa 

City Vision is Auckland’s progressive local body political group. It represents the local Labour and Green parties and progressive community independents.

In the 2013 election City Vision stood candidates for the Waitematā Local Board, Albert Eden Local Board, Albert-Eden-Roskill Ward councillors. City Vision endorsed Councillor Mike Lee for the Waitematā & Gulf Ward and supported Roskill Community Voice for the Puketapapa Local Board.

Waitematā Local Board – 5 City Vision members (out of 7) led by Chair, Shale Chambers

lbert Eden Local Board – 5 City Vision members (out of 8 from 2 subdivisions) led by Chair, Peter Haynes

Puketapapa Local Board – 4 Roskill Community Voice members (out of 6) led by Chair, Julie Fairey

Albert-Eden-Roskill Ward – Councillor Cathy Casey (1 of 2 Councillors)

Waitemata & Gulf Ward – Councillor Mike Lee  (City Vision endorsed)